Loyalty point & Discount code use

How do I use a discount code?

There is a discount Codes field at the center bottom of the shopping cart page. The field would be shown beneath Reward Points field if you have logged in and have eligible reward points. Enter the discount code in the field and click on APPLY. Once applied, the corresponding discount will appear and amount will be adjusted in the TOTALS area. Please click ‘proceed to checkout’ to continue.


How do I use my reward points?

If logged in and you have eligible reward points to use, the Use Reward Points field will show up at the center bottom of the shopping cart page. Enter the points you want to use for the order, and then click on APPLY POINTS. Once applied, the TOTAL amount will be adjusted.

Please note that 100 points are equivalent to USD 1.
  Ex) 500 points = USD 5


For both cases, if there is any remaining amount that needs to be paid, please select as payment method: PayPal or any of the credit card options. 

If there is no amount remaining to be paid, please select Store Credit/Gift Voucher.
** When this option is chosen without using credits or any voucher codes, the order will be cancelled.


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